Campus Life

Life on campus is very interesting. Get to meet and interact with different minds in a sound learning environment. The school environment is very conducive for learning. Here's what to expect when you come to the polytechnic.

Health and Safety

The Divine Polytechnic community is a safe and secure environment for your student to study and socialize. Safety and health are top priorities for the campus.

The polytechnic has security to protect and ensure the safety of the campus. The security officers work closely with the surrounding law enforcement agencies to ensure that students are safe and protected by the laws that govern both the campus and the general population.

The Student Health Center provides quality health care to students. All students are eligible to use all of the services available at the Health Center, including office visits, in-house lab, and psychiatry. Registration fees cover a portion of the costs of Health Center services.

Eating Well

One of the most important things you can do to stay well at the Polytechnic is to eat the healthiest diet as you can afford. While it is tempting to stock up on ready meals and buy takeaways, with just a bit of forward planning you can find a healthy diet that works for you without too much time, effort or expense. The local food is very cheap and affoardable.

Enjoy the rich delicacies of the native foods such as Edikaikong soup, Banga soup, Editan soup, etc. and also continental dishes such as jollof rice, fried rice at an affordable price.

Housing and Accommodation

Currently, there is no accomodation for students on campus but there are a number of rental properties available in the suburbs surrounding the Polytechnic.

Students: Do not sign any documents, pay deposits or send money for accommodation without first inspecting the property. DPM staff do not physically view the properties or verify the information given by Providers. You must satisfy yourself of the suitability of the property before entering into an agreement.

Sports and Fitness

Engage in sporting activities, inter-departmental sports and other competition that keep you physically fit.